Moshe’s at Mandwa

The other day my mother had gone out for a baking class with Moshe Shek, the founder of the famous Moshe’s around town. She came back raving about how much she loved it, so much so that she made sure I would join her in the next one.

Slowly, that day rolled around. Both Mum & I were out of the house at sharp 8 to make it in time for our 9 o’clock speedboat to Mandwa. After introductions to our fellow companions and a 20-minute speedboat ride, we quickly hustled our way to the car which would take us to “A World Away”; quite literally.

Ten minutes away from the Mandwa Jetty is the property of chef Moshe Shek – with an outhouse & a fully furnished kitchen with around 10 cooking stations. The only thing missing from this Masterchef quality kitchen was the giant clock!

Naturally, my camera had accompanied us on this day out and I thought it would be a good place to try my hand at food photography.

The course we attended was the Mezze Platter. Mezze is a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks in the Near East, the Balkans, and parts of Central Asia.

Chef Moshe greeted us with a smile and we made our way to a lovely ethnic outhouse where he spoke to us about what the day had in store. Little did I know that this day would be stuffed with food.

Now while having a vast knowledge of food, my mother (and by extension, I) have never dabbled in Lebanese cuisine. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this course has piqued our interest.

While our day in the kitchen was full of learning the various tricks of the trade, Chef Moshe’s quick wit kept up laughing too. From the basics of hummous and pita to grilled haloumi skewers with chermoula to baklava; just to name a few dishes – we came away with an even greater love for food (and a very full belly hehe).


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